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Affiliate Programs - The Webmaster Affiliate Program to Making Money Online

Welcome to Affiliate - Your number one guide to the world of webmaster affiliate program information and making money online. Our goal is to build a valuable information resource, and an affiliate program marketing knowledge base.

As you will come to know, some aspects of affiliate marketing, once learned, you will not want to share with anyone else. These aspects are your bread and butter, and include things like which affiliate program you run, and more specifically, what source of traffic produces the most revenue for you.

Before we begin speaking to the finer details of just how you go about making money online, we need to address some general aspects of what affiliate programs are, what they mean to the general webmaster, and how we should go about finding the area that's right for us.

Beyond our guidance in learning the affiliate ropes, we warehouse articles worth reading on the topic. We gain our articles through both original content, and suggested sources. If you know of any worthy sources of information that should be included in our knowledge base, please get in touch with us and point us to the source. If we are able to use the information we would be more than happy to credit you or offer you a link from our site.

So it's time to get started. Affiliate marketing can be your ticket to freedom, freedom from working for someone else, freedom from financial worries, freedom from the everyday work world. This is not a get rich quick affiliate program guide. If your intentions are to make money online without trying, affiliate marketing is not for you, it requires intelligence and effort. If you have a little intelligence and a lot of effort you can go far, and just the same, if you have a great deal of intelligence you can make as much with less effort, but either way, you'll need to work.

That said, the work is not difficult. Marketing is marketing, and marketing on the Internet is no different then trying to gain customers for your local bowling alley. You need to understand who might be interested in bowling there, you need to figure out how to get your message in front of that group of people, and you have to determine what message will be most effective if you do manage to deliver it.

With online affiliate marketing your web site is the home of your message. The target audience is surfing around the Internet, and walking around the streets of your hometown, right now. Affiliate programs are a great way to start making money online and I would suggest starting with the affiliate program that is suggested. All we need to do is get our message in front of them and you can begin making money online.